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Coil Winding Machines

Synthesis Winding Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one among the leading manufacturers and exporters of CNC Coil Winding Machines, Automatic Winding Machines & Special Purpose Machines in India.

Multi Bobbin Winding Machines
Multi Bobbin Winding Machines are automatic winding machines designed to wind coils requiring complex wind, wrap, cut & routing functions. These machines are Equipped with AC Servo motors for axes & spindle control provide outstanding performance, maintenance free operation & higher productivity. These Coil Winding Equipment features precise control of winding Machines tension, traversing and de-spooling. Every aspect of the coil winding process is monitored and controlled to produce the most efficient coil possible.
4 Spindle Winding Machine
4 Spindle Winding Machine
6 Spindle Winding Machine
Armature Winding Machines
Automatic Armature Winding machines are designed for winding of various types of armature used in home appliances, power tools and automobile industry. These machines facilitate automatic wire hooking, cutting, and indexing.
Armature Winding Machine(Thin Wire)
Armature Winding Machine(Universal Wire)
Multipole Stator / Magneto Winding Machines
Stator winding machines are automatic winding machines designed to wind multi-pole stator coil / magneto coils used in automobile sector. These machines facilitates automatic Core indexing, tap pulling and cutting and contribute to better productivity.
Single Spindle Stator Winding Machine
Dual Spindle Stator Winding Machine
Single Spindle Stator Winding Machine(ST1S)
Flyer type Winding Machine
Flyer type Winding machines are automatic multi - spindle coil winding machines with flyer-type winding head facilitating high speed winding on fixed & asymmetric formers.
Flyer type Winding Machine
Bobbinless Winding Machine
Bobbinless Winding machine is to wind coils of bobbinless type & is also equipped with online enamel removing unit. There are also provisions for coil bonding system with electrical heating for precise and consistent control of bonding parameters.
Bobbinless Winding Machine
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